Candice Giordano Real Estate

Growing up in Willow Glen and part of a 3rd generation Silicon Valley farming family is an important part of my heritage.  As a young girl I remember picking Blenheim apricots, Bing cherries, and the smell of fresh picked corn as I walked the fields with my dad.  When Santa Clara was filled with a plethora of orchards, it was known as the "Valley of Hearts Delight."  I am blessed to have experienced firsthand how the Silicon Valley has transformed into the global center of technological innovation... one of the wealthiest regions in the world!

Throughout the last 30 years I have worked side by side with my parents in land acquisition & management.  Meanwhile, I helped manage our family agriculture business.  Working in the agriculture industry has been an asset in representing farm & ranch properties.  

As a REALTOR®, I am proud to be partnered with Sereno.  A company that believes in giving back to the community.  I have been a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, with years of experience in interior design.  I will provide insight on the current design trends that could increase the value of your home when preparing to sell.  I have access to several resources that will help you achieve your goals throughout the real estate process, even after the sale is complete. 

Negotiations is a crucial part of a real estate transaction.  My experience within the negotiation process is invaluable in facilitating a successful close while gaining the best value.  As your agent, I strive to provide quality services while keeping your interests my top priority.  I look forward to meeting you and making your next home transaction a smooth process! 

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, traveling, and introducing people to my horses.